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Organic Insect Control

At Simply Safer Kansas City, we are committed to making insect control safer for both our clients and the environment. Our motto, "Making insect control safer than doing it yourself, one yard at a time," reflects our dedication to providing safe, effective solutions for pest control.

Tick Control

We understand that protecting the environment is essential for future generations, and we strive to use products and methods that are environmentally friendly. Our team carefully selects products that are safe for families and pets, so you can feel confident that your outdoor living space is free of pests and safe for all to enjoy.

We take the safety of our clients and service staff very seriously. We undergo regular training to ensure that we are up to date on the latest pest control methods and products that are safe for families and the environment. When we come to your property, we take care to use the appropriate equipment and protective gear to ensure that our staff and clients are safe.

Our Simply Safer Pest Program is designed to provide comprehensive pest control solutions that are safe and effective. We use a combination of treatments, including organic and conventional options, to create a customized plan that meets the specific needs of your yard. Our mobile high-pressure sprayers allow us to target specific areas, so we can treat your outdoor living space with precision and care.

If you have any questions about the safety of our programs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. At Simply Safer Kansas City, we are committed to creating a pest-free outdoor living space that is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Insect Borne Diseases

Insect-borne diseases have been a persistent problem in our environment for centuries. While many have been effectively managed, new diseases continue to emerge, posing serious threats to human and animal health. Three such diseases that have gained widespread attention in recent years are Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and alpha-gal syndrome.

Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. It is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, commonly known as deer ticks. Symptoms include a circular red rash, fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes.

West Nile virus, also a vector-borne disease, can cause inflammation of brain tissue or swelling of the tissue that encloses the brain and spinal cord. It was originally found in parts of the Old World but was first detected in North America in 1999 in New York City. It has since spread across the continent and has been detected in 48 US states

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